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Registration Requirements

In order for Potter's Wheel Academy to begin assisting you in "Designing an Education Strategy" for you and your student(s) you must complete all the required registration forms for the account holder, each student and each contact (parent or legal guardian) and either pay the fees or make payment arrangements.

Enter the names of the parties responsible for the fees, the county you live in, your state, and your e-mail address. Once you have entered the proper information you will receive an e-mail with more in depth instructions on the registration process.

Family Last Name:*  
Father's Name:*  
Mother's Name:
County of student residence
Zip Code:*  
Phone:*  xxx-xxx-xxxx
By submitting this request for a Username and Temporary Password you agree to furnish Potter's Wheel Academy the following documents and agree to the terms expressed in the various forms.

Documents needed for each Student file:
(1) Authorization for the Release of Student Records

Enter information directly on form for each student to be registered, print, and mail or take to your student抯 previous school. Also fax or mail a copy to Potter抯 Wheel Academy so we will have a copy in your student抯 file.
(2) Teacher Agreement / Statement of Intent Form - Print, sign and date.
(3) A recent photo of each enrolling student. Please send a digital copy with student抯 name.
(4) A recent family photo. Please send a digital copy with names of subjects.

Florida requires all public and private schools to have the following documents
(5) Original or copy of birth certificate for each student enrolled
(6) An original immunization record or original immunization waiver
(7) Student Health physical dated within the past year
(8) For high school students: All previous high school records and any middle school records which list high school credits.

Items (1) through (8) - Fax to 1-866-335-1098 or mail to:
Potter抯 Wheel Academy
P. O. Box 50203
Sarasota, FL 34232

Potter抯 Wheel Academy will contact you to set a time for your interview appointment which may be in person or by phone.
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